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Movie Review – Real Steel (2011)


To start with, because there seems to be some marketing-driven confusion:* Real Steel is a family film. Go ahead and take the kids. They’ll like it, and it’s a nice movie at heart. Continue reading

Movie Review – Warrior (2011)


Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton) is a high school physics teacher, around 30 years old, married to his high school sweetheart Tess (Jennifer Morrison) and proud father of two adorable little girls. The family is in debt from medical bills and in danger of losing their house to foreclosure. Brendan’s first career was as a UFC fighter and to make some extra money he’s started fighting again, like the fight in the temporary ring set up in the parking lot of a strip club that gets him suspended from his teaching job. Continue reading

DVD of the Week – Review of The Fighter (2010)


Director David O. Russell had cast Mark Wahlberg in his movies Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees, and The Fighter. In Three Kings, Wahlberg plays one of four American soldiers that went off the reservation in search of Saddam’s gold during the First Gulf War; in I Heart Huckabees, he plays a firefighter; and in The Fighter, he plays “Irish” Micky Ward, a small time boxer with large aspirations. Continue reading

Movie Review – The Fighter (2010)


The Fighter fits under several category headings. Firstly it’s a biopic of “Irish” Micky Ward, a welterweight boxer out of Lowell, Massachusetts. The film picks up his story when he’s about 30. He’s been boxing professionally for a decade, but his career never took off and is going nowhere. (He makes a poor living doing seasonal construction work.) Some bad things happen close together and he stops boxing for a time. However, his passion for the sport soon pulls him back into the gym. Continue reading