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Movie Review – Inception (2010) [Geoff Geib]


Is it me or is Christopher Nolan finally starting to have fun? With a body of work now rivaling the best contemporary directors, it’s possible to take a step back and view his filmography as a whole, and early on especially, one does not find a pattern that would induce much in the way of a smile. Continue reading

Top Ten Films of 2008 by Geoff Geib



2008 was the worst year I have spent at the movies in my adult life. This is partly the fault of Hollywood (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Happening, The Love Guru, 10,000 B.C., Prom Night to name just a few of the appallingly bad films of last year) but in complete and utter truthfulness, the fault is just as much mine. I simply didn’t get out to the movies with anywhere near the regularity I normally do, and as a result, I struggled to put together a ten best list. Since I agree with other posters on this site that context is important in these matters, I felt it was important to state as much at the outset. The following movies are all good, but in fairness, many of them would not normally make a ‘best of’ list, with the exception of the top three, which would grace any top ten list in any year. Continue reading

Movie Review – The Wrestler (2008)



After the almost absurdly earnest The Fountain, Darren Aronofsky’s latest confection marks both a continuation of this most admirable filmmaking sensibility and a departure with a film where every character is blessed/cursed with a healthy dose of self awareness in a world that hardly rewards such a trait. Continue reading

Movie Review – The Reader (2008)



The Reader is surprisingly moving considering the majority of its running time is spent as a stilted, excessively somber treatise on German complicity with the Nazi atrocities of the second world war. I’m all for an examination of cultural worth in the wake of the Holocaust, but I’m not sure it makes for the most engaging of Cineplex films, and The Reader consequently drags for a good portion of its talky running time. Continue reading

Movie Review – The Dark Knight (2008)


Prepare yourself, gentle viewer, for The Dark Knight is very, very dark. Continue reading

Movie Review – Redbelt (2008)


Oh, David Mamet, how I love your halting, sparse, profanity laden dialogue from a bygone age. It’s just so…well, it is what it is and indeed it is, and it’s just so f*#king nifty. Continue reading

Top Ten Films of 2007 by Geoff Geib



1. Eastern Promises

The entire movie pulsates with an urgency and rage that belies its calm exterior and plays just a fraction under the surface. There is only so long before it will boil over and when it does, neither we nor the characters  are truly prepared. Continue reading

Movie Review – Eastern Promises (2007)


Eastern Promises 100407

Fresh from the exhilarating A History of Violence, director David Cronenberg returns with a deceptively straightforward tale of the Russian mafia in London. The central preoccupation of the film is the transient nature of identity, a theme Cronenberg returns to time and again in his films. Continue reading

Movie Review – Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)


Shoot Em Up 091507

This is a movie where the hero kills hundreds of people in a never-ending frenzy of bullets and carrots. I liked it. Continue reading

Movie Review – Halloween (2007)


Halloween 090607

Rob Zombie burst onto the movie scene in 2003 with the electric House of a 1000 Corpses, a punishing, brutal homage to 70’s horror films like Last House on the Left and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a gonzo left turn sans turn signal for a third act. It was a bravura debut, and with his latest effort, a remake of the John Carpenter masterpiece Halloween, Zombie cements his place amongst the contemporary elite of the genre. Continue reading