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Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (January 7-20, 2011)


Early January brought a slightly smaller than usual number of limited release movies to American screens; this column (delayed in part by flash drive woes) covers such films that made it into American theaters from January 7 through 20. As usual, many (if not most) of these titles were in a very small number of theaters before Blu-Ray/DVD/Video on Demand availability. I saw three of the Indian movies mentioned below (No One Killed Jessica, Once Upon a Warrior, and Yamla Pagla Deewana) while they were in town; of the rest, I’m most interested in A Somewhat Gentle Man, The Woodmans, Americatown, Lightning Salad Moving Picture, and Twelve Thirty… but finding the time to see all of them will be difficult, to say the least. Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (December 24, 2010 – January 5, 2011)


“National Edition” catch-up continues- and finishes out 2010 and moves into 2011- with the feature films that opened in the US between December 24, 2010, and January 5, 2011 (plus one straggler from December 22 that I would have covered in the last column, if I had been able to read my tiny, scribbled notes correctly). The films run the gamut from Academy Award nominees to titles that few American filmgoers will have heard of, or will see. Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (December 9-23, 2010)


This week’s column- delayed by more than just a bit by a bout of flu- showcases films that went into limited release in America from December 9 through December 23, 2010. (Don’t worry- this will get current, eventually.) Movies that opened in limited release, but later went into broad national release, are not covered, except by brief mentions here: The Fighter opened on December 10 at four theaters (the Arclight Hollywood, CA, the Lincoln Square 13 in New York City, the Boston Commons 19 in Boston, MA, and the Showcase Cinemas, Lowell, MA)- and Country Strong opened on December 22 at two theaters (the Arclight Hollywood, CA, and the Thoroughbred 20 in Franklin, TN). Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (November 26-December 9, 2010)


Welcome back to the feature where we look at limited-release films opening in the US. As with the past few weeks, this column finds me in catch-up mode (due in part to a horrible snow and ice storm that hit Indiana a few weeks ago, depriving me of internet access for three days running- followed by me falling and cracking two ribs, thanks to the same ice storm… a jolly little incident that led to nearly four more days off the web).

So anyhow, the time period covered in this column (November 26-December 9) wasn’t an especially busy one- even most of the theaters that usually play offbeat, smaller-scale movies were showing big holiday releases during this period. Still, 33* limited-release movies did find their way into American theaters during this period- and those are the titles covered below. Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (November 12-25, 2010)


Welcome once again to the feature where we take a look at the movies that went into limited release in the US; in this case, the release dates covered range from November 12 through November 25.* Of course, many movies don’t get any sort of theatrical release in the US, so the titles covered over the course of a year in this column are some fraction of the movies released on theater screens around the world. And most of the movies below did not play in very many theaters in the US (especially when it comes to theaters outside of New York City and greater Los Angeles). But I feel like some sort of record must be kept regardless, and this column is another attempt in that regard. Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (October 29-November 11, 2010)


So it’s time for another round-up of theatrical releases that opened on a limited basis in the US. The first four are stragglers. The others all came out during the period of October 29 through November 8. This is again a retrospective column, since a number of events in my life have kept me from getting this feature current as soon as I would like. However, it should be caught up in about six weeks, since I don’t anticipate being all that busy otherwise for a while- and from then on out, I’ll endeavor to make this feature both as comprehensive and as current as possible.

Looking over the titles below, I see so many movies that I would love to see- especially on a big screen. Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (October 15-29)


This installment of the column covers the 40-plus limited-release films that opened in US theaters between October 15 and 29*- or at least that’s the bulk of the column. One title, Nora’s Will, actually came out in the US in April- but (until just a few days ago) I had thought that it was an October release in America. Since I didn’t list the film at the time, I am including it here now.

And speaking of Nora’s Will– of all the movies listed below, it’s the one I most want to see in a theater, given all of the awards and glowing reviews. Kuroneko, Boxing Gym, Bitter Feast, and Aakrosh are next on my “want to see” list- but many of the movies below sound worth a look to me. Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (October 1-14)


Welcome once again to the world of limited theatrical releases around America. This installment covers films unleashed upon theaters across the country from October 1 through October 14. Some of these movies played (or eventually will play) on a fair number of screens across the US; others opened on only one screen, and will never see the inside of another theater after that. For most of us, our only opportunity to see most of the films mentioned below will be on DVD, Blu-Ray, and/or On-Demand; at the very least, you may read about an interesting movie you’ve never heard of before…. Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (September 17-30, 2010)


So here we go again with yet another column on limited theatrical releases- and once again, we have quite a wide of variety of movies on the list. The films covered in this column are mostly those released during the period September 15 through September 30- more than a bit behind the times, but I am hoping to be caught up by the end of this month. Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: National Edition (September 2-16, 2010)


Well, this feature went on another unplanned break, thanks to numerous factors. The main reason was that I had to abandon the idea of writing separate “fill-in” columns to cover the time period this feature was AWOL (June 9 through August 18)- so I decided instead to cover just those limited-release movies that came out during that period (or earlier) that were not (to my knowledge) covered in other online sources, or for which I had found earlier release dates than other online sources that I have seen. That proved to be too many movies to deal with in one column, so instead I’ll be mentioning these movies at the start of the next few columns, until I’ve gone through all of the ones that fit under either of the above headings. And since I’ve managed to get behind-the-times again, I will attempt to get several of these (normally bi-monthly) columns out once-a-week, until the column catches up with the calendar. So, all of the above is my long-winded way of explaining why the first ten movies mentioned in this column- which was originally intended to feature only limited-release films that came out September 2 through 16- were released before that period (in some cases, way before). Continue reading