Commentary Track is a group blog launched on January 1, 2007 as a forum for movie reviews and discussion. Our focus is current Hollywood releases. However, since the writers review whatever they feel like, Commentary Track also features reviews of classics, new American indies and foreign films, and even some silent movies.

The reviews and conversations reflect our diverse tastes, divergent cinematic interests, and often contradictory opinions. Our goal is to be a resource for high quality movie reviews across the cinematic spectrum.

What do you think of the movies we’re reviewing? Do you know about a great movie we need to see, or have a movie memory you’d like to share? All of our posts have a place to leave comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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DVD of the Week– A regular Tuesday feature with a focus on new to DVD/Blu-ray releases.

Hollywood Releases Preview– A monthly round-up of the next month’s multiplex fare. Titles are linked to the films’ pages in the IMDb for those seeking more comprehensive information.

Movie Reviews– The keystone. Reviews of current releases and older films. Current releases are rated from 0 to 4 stars.

Commentary Track Ratings Guide

– 4 stars: Superb. Among the best of its kind.

– 3 1/2 stars: Really, really good, but not quite a perfect 4.

– 3 stars: Well-made and solidly entertaining movie. Recommended.

– 2 1/2 stars: More good than bad, but recommended only with caveats.

– 2 stars: Passable. People who like whatever kind of movie it is may like it well enough.

– 1 1/2 stars: Has some good points, but not enough to recommend it even to people who like whatever kind of movie it is.

– 1 star: Bad.

– 1/2 star: Really, really bad, but not quite a zero.

– 0 stars: How is it even possible to make a movie this awful?

Rewind: Films of the 60s, 70s, 80s– Richard’s reviews of films from… the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Silent Reflections– Helen’s reviews of silent movies.

Thinking Outside the Multiplex: Indiana Edition– Published on Fridays, Thinking Outside the Multiplex is the complete rundown of foreign and indie films, film festivals, special showings, and other movies opening in limited release in Indiana. The focus is on Indianapolis, home city of writers Mike MacCollum and Helen Geib.



Editor and Lead Writer Helen Geib‘s (geibhk@gmail.com) first movie memory is from A Mouse and His Child. She finds it impossible to name a favorite movie, but admits she cries a little every time she watches House of Flying Daggers, and hopes she has Onmyoji with her if she’s ever stranded on a desert island. Attorney by profession and cinephile by avocation, she lives in her hometown of Indianapolis, supplementing the locally available film fare with festivals, DVDs, and occasional trips to Chicago.

Contributing Writer Nir Shalev (gaiderdraco@gmail.com) is a cinephile by the very definition. If a DVD has a commentary track, he’s heard it. Nir is a film school graduate and hopes to become a top filmmaker in the future- or just a good director.

Contributing Writer Richard Winters graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a degree in Film History and Screenwriting. He is an avid collector of movies who has managed to get his hands on many rare and out-of-print films. He particularly enjoys films from the ’60s and ’70s as well as experimental and offbeat films, and his favorite movie of all time is Network.