Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana (September 16, 2011)


Only one new release this week- the English 1960s-set drama Brighton Rock at the Keystone Art in Indianapolis- but there are a bunch of theatrical holdovers and a whole lot of special screenings around the state to keep us all busy. What’s on your moviegoing list?

(By the way, in case anyone is wondering where it is: The comedy concert Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain, which also incorporates backstage footage and a filmed-for-the-movie visit by Hart to his hometown, has expanded to a sufficiently wide release to be beyond the scope of this column.)

TOTM aspires to completeness! If you know of a limited release film, special screening, festival, or other movie-related event coming up, or something happening this week that isn’t listed here, please leave a comment or send me an email using the “contact us” form.

Note: Title links lead to the movie’s official website.


Brighton Rock– An amoral delinquent sets out to seduce a preternaturally innocent waitress who doesn’t realize she’s a witness to one of his crimes. This English indie is a new adaptation of Graham Greene’s 1939 novel that updates the time period to 1964. Sam Riley (Control) and Andrea Riseborough (Never Let Me Go) star and Helen Mirren and John Hurt add name value in prominent supporting parts. Brighton Rock starts today at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.


Another Earth– Lovers brought together by tragedy are faced with separation when one is offered passage to “another earth” in this indie drama with a sci-fi twist. Another Earth holds over at Fort Wayne’s Cinema Center (for one show a day).

Buck– Documentary about a horse trainer whose rapport with horses transforms them- and often their owners as well. I’ve been seeing rapturous reviews for this one, and it’s clearly a must-see for animal lovers. Buck returns to the state after a brief absence for one show a day at the Cinema Center in Fort Wayne.

Creature– The from what I’ve heard laughably bad indie horror film Creature holds over at the Republic Theaters Georgetown 14 (at reduced showtimes) and the Movie Buff Theatre in Indianapolis.

The Devil’s Double– This biopic stars Dominic Cooper in the roles of the infamous Uday Hussein and Uday’s body double. The film is based on the double’s autobiographical novel and directed by Lee Tamahori (Once Were Warriors). The Devil’s Double holds over at the Landmark Glendale 12 in Indianapolis and expands to the AMC Showplace Schererville 16 and AMC Showplace South Bend 16.

The Guard– An eccentric local cop (Brendan Gleeson) and a straight-arrow FBI agent (Don Cheadle) become reluctant allies in this thriller/dark comedy set in rural Ireland. The Guard, which features caustic humor and a fantastic performance by Gleeson, holds over at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

The Names of Love– This French film won Cesars (the French Oscar) for best actress and screenplay. Left-wing activist Bahia has sex with conservatives to influence their politics, until she finds herself falling for her latest target, a middle-aged Jewish scientist. The Names of Love holds over at the Movie Buff Theatre in Indianapolis.

Sarah’s Key– Kristin Scott Thomas stars in this Holocaust drama as a modern-day journalist investigating the tragic history of two Jewish children in occupied Paris. The film is based on the novel by Tatiana De Rosnay. Sarah’s Key holds over at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis, AMC EVansville 16 (for two shows a day), AMC Honey Creek 8 in Terre Haute, and AMC Showplace Muncie 7 (for two shows a day) and expands to the Yes Cinema in Columbus.

Senna– This well-reviewed documentary traces the career and legacy of Brazilian Formula One racer Ayrton Senna. Senna holds over at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis for two shows a day.

Seven Days in Utopia– Indie drama Seven Days in Utopia has retracted to few enough screens that it no longer fails the typing test (i.e., when I get tired of typing out the theaters where a movie is playing I decide it doesn’t qualify for this column). It re-teams Lucas Black and Robert Duvall after their turn together in Get Low. Black plays a pro golfer going through a rough patch who ends up stranded in a town called Utopia, hometown of Duvall’s eccentric rancher. Seven Days in Utopia holds over at the AMC Honey Creek 8 in Terre Haute, AMC Showplace Columbus 12, Carmike 20 in Fort Wayne, and for one show a day at each of the UA Galaxy Stadium 14 in Indianapolis and Regal Village Park in Carmel.


For additional information on the films, and when and where they’ll be showing, follow the links under “Outside the Multiplex” in the sidebar.

Indianapolis and Central Indiana

Vintage Movie Nights returns for its monthly screening tomorrow night at the Garfield Park Arts Center with the 1939 romantic drama Made for Each Other, starring Carole Lombard and James Stewart.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to the Irving tomorrow night; visit the theater’s website for the full list of what you can and can’t bring through the door in the way of props and costumes.

Southern Indiana

The IU Cinema screens gospel music documentary Rejoice and Shout today and tomorrow as part of its “International Arthouse Series.” Also showing tonight is the documentary Waste Land, about an artist who found unexpected inspiration at the world’s largest garbage dump in Brazil; producer (and IU alum) Angus Aysnley is the speaker in the Jorgensen Lecture Series this afternoon and is also scheduled to be present at the screening.

Also this weekend: on Saturday, 1960s thriller with a sci-fi twist Seconds; on Sunday, the monumental documentary Shoah.

Through the week: on Monday, corrosive expose of journalism and New York celebrity The Sweet Smell of Success, starring Burt Lancaster as an egomaniac gossip columnist and Tony Curtis as a sycophantic press agent; on Tuesday, a preview screening of the new Hollywood comedy-drama 50/50; on Wednesday, notorious noir Kiss Me Deadly; and on Thursday, combat documentary Restrepo and Miranda July’s new indie drama The Future.

In Ryder programming, tonight’s free movie at Bryan Park is the great romantic-comedy It Happened One Night. Screening this weekend in the IU Fine Arts building (Fri-Sat)/Bear’s Place (Sun) are activist documentary Farmageddon, controversial French director Catherine Breillat’s The Sleeping Beauty, and documentary about bees Queen of the Sun. The Sleeping Beauty also has one showing Thursday at FARM.

Northern Indiana

Cinematheque for All will show the acclaimed German biopic of a 12th Century Christian mystic Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen on Wednesday on the Purdue campus.

In Fort Wayne, the music documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest continues and Cave of Forgotten Dreams (presumably the 2D version) opens at the Cinema Center @ Indiana Tech (shows Friday through Monday), also screening, with one show on Wednesday evening, is Bob Zany: Close But No Cigar, a documentary about a comedian with a long career who’s never quite broken through. The Cinema Center main location will have two free showings of the documentary Burma Soldier on Wednesday.

The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at Notre Dame has a varied and interesting lineup this week: landmark Italian neorealist drama Bicycle Thieves tonight; two already sold-out shows of the father-son project (starring Martin Sheen and written/directed by Emilio Estevez) The Way, about a father and son; James Cameron’s sci-fi action modern classic Aliens on Tuesday; and Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman on Thursday.


The annual B Movie Celebration goes on September 23-25 at Franklin’s Artcraft Theatre. The festival website has a full list of films and other info.

Next month brings Halloween-themed programming, including a Vintage Movie Night double feature of The Invisible Man and The Invisible Man Returns at the Garfield Park Arts Center and The Shining at the IMA. Also in the works, the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis has announced a horror-themed midnight movie series for October, kicking off with John Carpenter’s The Thing on October 7 and 8.

The IU Cinema has revamped its website; it looks great and it’s much easier to browse the fantastic coming attractions. Go check it out.

The Iranian coming of age drama Circumstance has been added to the KAC’s “coming soon” page for next week; actress-turned-director Vera Farmiga’s indie drama Higher Ground is now listed for September 30.

I really like the sound of this one. Coming in October at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater in Bloomington: “Bloomington Cycles – Breaking Away, a day long cycling/film experience, on Sunday, October 2, 2011, 3-10 PM. The event will feature a bike tour (3-5 PM) led by Breaking Away expert Jim Schroeder, a video shoot out competition (7PM) and a screening of the 1979 Breaking Away (directly following the video shoot out).”

Films and events scheduled for next Friday:

The DeBartolo will show a double feature of the 1970s-set English comedy-drama about a Pakistani-English family East is East and its sequel West is West.

The Trip and The Tree start next Friday at the Ryder in Bloomington. At the IU Cinema, The Future continues its run and there is a midnight screening of Grindhouse.

3 responses to “Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana (September 16, 2011)

  1. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (My Brother’s Bride) also holds over for one showing per day (through the 21st, at least) at the Georgetown 14 in Indianapolis- and I was able to confirm that the print they are showing does indeed have English subtitles.

  2. The annual Oranje event (the tenth one, in fact) takes place in Indianapolis tonight (September 17) from 8 PM to 2 AM; the address is 2323 North Illinois Street, An “Indie Film Lounge” will be part of the event (which is open only to those age 21 and over); the list of titles can be found here:

  3. And this isn’t on Landmark’s Indianapolis page yet, as far as I can tell, but a movie called Fistface will have a formal, black-tie premiere on Thursday, September 22, at the Keystone Art Cinema. The film- which features “live-action, stop-motion animation, cartoon animation, animation and puppetry”, according to the site linked below- starts at 7:30, and tickets are $5. For more information on the movie (and premiere events that precede the film itself), go here:

    The movie’s Facebook page is here:


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