A Few Good Blog Posts (September, 2011)


A monthly round-up of recent blog posts I enjoyed reading.

“Infamous & Elusive: The True Story of Jesse James” at The Cooler

“Fleischers’ Superman at 70 – the best on-screen Man of Steel?” at Hero Complex

“When silents were silent” at The Bioscope

“Walsh & Wind” at The Blue Vial

One response to “A Few Good Blog Posts (September, 2011)

  1. The post about silent movies was very interesting and informative. I knew that the earliest peep show type movies were truly silent but it was very interesting to learn about the gradual process of regular musical accompaniment.

    I’ve been at one of the ‘accidental’ silent screenings of a silent movie that occur when the movie theater’s accompanist can’t be there. At least in that instance, seeing Lubitsch’s The Student Prince, there was perhaps an extra intensity of attention; the only sound I remember hearing was muffled weeping at the conclusion.

    I love seeing silents with live accompaniment but it’s true that the music can destroy a movie as well as enhance it. Now when people talk about a movie they can feel confident they’ve each had a similar theater experience. Early cinema goers would have had very different experiences of a film depending on whether they saw it with a big movie palace orchestra or a small town upright piano.


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