Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana (September 9, 2011)


We’re back with another edition of Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana, and in a good sign, there’s too much going on this week to summarize here. What’s on your moviegoing list for this week?

TOTM aspires to completeness! If you know of a limited release film, special screening, festival, or other movie-related event coming up, or something happening this week that isn’t listed here, please leave a comment or send me an email using the “contact us” form.

Note: Title links lead to the movie’s official website.


The Devil’s Double– This biopic stars Dominic Cooper in the roles of the infamous Uday Hussein and Uday’s body double. The film is based on the double’s autobiographical novel and directed by Lee Tamahori (Once Were Warriors). The Devil’s Double starts today at the Landmark Glendale 12 in Indianapolis.

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain– The comedy concert Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain, which also incorporates backstage footage, starts today at the AMC Showplace Hobart 12 in Merrillville and AMC Showplace Washington Square 12 in Indianapolis.


Another Earth– Lovers brought together by tragedy are faced with separation when one is offered passage to “another earth” in this indie drama with a sci-fi twist. Another Earth holds over at the Movie Buff Theatre in Indianapolis and opens at Fort Wayne’s Cinema Center (no shows at the latter Wednesday or Thursday).

Attack the Block– Aliens invade… the projects. Read Nir’s review of this British indie destined to become a cult favorite. The exceedingly entertaining Attack the Block holds over at the AMC Showplace Bloomington 11.

The Guard– An eccentric local cop (Brendan Gleeson) and a straight-arrow FBI agent (Don Cheadle) become reluctant allies in this thriller/dark comedy set in rural Ireland. The Guard, which has been getting rave reviews, holds over at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

The Names of Love– This French film won Cesars (the French Oscar) for best actress and screenplay. Left-wing activist Bahia has sex with conservatives to influence their politics, until she finds herself falling for her latest target, a middle-aged Jewish scientist. The Names of Love holds over at the Movie Buff Theatre in Indianapolis.

Sarah’s Key– Kristin Scott Thomas stars in this Holocaust drama as a modern-day journalist investigating the tragic history of two Jewish children in occupied Paris. The film is based on the novel by Tatiana De Rosnay. Sarah’s Key holds over at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis and expands to the AMC EVansville 16, AMC Honey Creek 8 in Terre Haute, and AMC Showplace Muncie 7.

Senna– This well-reviewed documentary traces the career and legacy of Brazilian Formula One racer Ayrton Senna. Senna holds over at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

Seven Days in Utopia– Strictly speaking, Seven Days in Utopia doesn’t qualify for this column since it failed the typing test (i.e., I got tired of typing out the theaters where it was playing last week- this week you’re on your own to find them). However, I decided to leave it in because it sounds like a nice movie and it could definitely use any extra publicity it can get. It re-teams Lucas Black and Robert Duvall after their turn together in Get Low. Black plays a pro golfer going through a rough patch who ends up stranded in a town called Utopia, hometown of Duvall’s eccentric rancher. Seven Days in Utopia holds over at various theaters around the state- but noticeably fewer, so don’t wait.

Submarine– This coming of age comedy-drama is an adaptation of a novel by Joe Dunthorne. Craig Roberts stars as a teenager dealing- or trying to deal- with his parents’ splintering marriage and his one-sided crush on a girl in his class. Noah Taylor and Sally Hawkins co-star as the parents. Submarine makes a surprise return to the state courtesy of the Yes Cinema in Columbus.

The Trip– Michael Winterbottom filmed comedians-actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on a restaurant tour and the result was this movie, which looks hard to pin down, funny, and rather delightful in the trailers. The duo’s dueling impressions of Michael Caine and Al Pacino, among others, promise to be worth the ticket price alone. The Trip opens this week at the Yes Cinema in Columbus for one show a day.


For additional information on the films, and when and where they’ll be showing, follow the links under “Outside the Multiplex” in the sidebar.

Indianapolis and Central Indiana

Monty Python and the Holy Grail plays Friday and Saturday at Franklin’s Artcraft Theatre.

Convento will be shown tonight at the Lilly Visitor Pavilion at the IMA’s 100 Acres; this documentary focuses on a Dutch family of artists living in a former monastery in Portugal. Then on Thursday in the Toby is the documentary A Small Act, about a UN human rights lawyer from Kenya who tries to establish a school for poor children in his native country. For both films, general admission is $5, IMA members and students get in free.

Southern Indiana

Indie filmmaking legend John Sayles will speak today at 3 in the Jorgensen Lecture Series at IU; Sayles is also scheduled to appear tonight at IU Cinema screenings of his films Matewan and Brother From Another Planet. The Sayles film festival continues tomorrow with screenings of Honeydripper and Lone Star. Also showing tomorrow is the film noir classic Kiss of Death, featuring the notorious Richard Widmark and the wheelchair scene. On Sunday, the Cinema will show the looted art documentary Rape of Europa and 9/11, a documentary based on real-time footage of firefighter first responders at Ground Zero.

Also this week at the IU Cinema: Kurosawa’s late career epic (and Ran warm-up) Kagemusha on Monday; a sneak preview of Drive, the new thriller starring Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver, on Tuesday; William Wellman’s 1945 The Story of GI Joe; and the new music documentary Rejoice and Shout (next weekend’s featured film) on Thursday.

Activist documentary Farmageddon and the documentary with the self-explanatory title Page One: Inside the New York Times show this weekend on the IU campus courtesy of the Ryder; documentary about bees Queen of the Sun has a screening Thursday at Root Cellar Lounge. Also sponsored by the Ryder: a free outdoor screening of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the 1950s original, at Bryan Park.

Northern Indiana

Cinematheque for All in West Lafayette (screenings on the Purdue campus) will show the 2010 Spanish drama Even the Rain, starring Gael Garcia Bernal as a conflicted movie director, on Wednesday night.

The Cinema Center in Fort Wayne will have two free film screenings this week: Where Are the Jobs? on Wednesday and Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Cinema Center @ Indiana Tech is back from summer break with the music documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest; additionally, there will be free showings of the 2002 portmanteau film September 11 on Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening.

The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center in South Bend will have several showings of The Tree of Life today and tomorrow. Wet Hot American Summer is the midnight movie tomorrow, while the Italian neorealist classic Open City screens Sunday afternoon. Filmmaker Sandra Schulberg will be speaking at a Tuesday evening screening of Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today. Finally, sports documentary The Mighty Macs– about a winning women’s basketball team- screens Thursday evening.


The annual B Movie Celebration goes on September 23-25, hosted by Franklin’s Artcraft Theatre. The festival website has a full list of films and other info.

I really like the sound of this one. Coming in October at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater in Bloomington: “Bloomington Cycles – Breaking Away, a day long cycling/film experience, on Sunday, October 2, 2011, 3-10 PM. The event will feature a bike tour (3-5 PM) led by Breaking Away expert Jim Schroeder, a video shoot out competition (7PM) and a screening of the 1979 Breaking Away (directly following the video shoot out).”

The Landmark’s website now lists Brighton Rock– the new adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel- for September 16 and Higher Ground– from actress turned director Vera Farmiga, who also stars- for September 23.

Since it suddenly feels like Fall outside, I’ll mention that The Shining is the IMA’s Halloween movie this year.

Films and events scheduled for next Friday:

The IU Cinema will screen the documentary Wasteland at 6:30; producer Angus Aynsley is scheduled to appear, and is also the speaker at the Jorgensen Lecture Series at 3.

3 responses to “Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana (September 9, 2011)

  1. My Brother’s Bride (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan)- this week’s new Bollywood film at the Georgetown 14 in Indianapolis- does have subtitles, according to manoranjaninc’s site. If they’re right about this- and they usually are- then that is a welcome return (for the time being, at least) to subtitled prints for Hindi-language movies at the Georgetown 14.

    Also starting today at the same theater: Jerusalem Countdown. The official site for this one makes it look like a cross between a lower-budgeted action film (the kind that usually goes straight to video these days) and a Christian “message” movie. The synopsis on the official site says that the film- which was based on “the Best Selling Book by Pastor John Hagee”- is about some nukes that are “are smuggled into America”, and the FBI agent who must “find them before they are detonated”. Lee Majors, Stacy Keach, Randy Travis, and Jaci Velasquez are in the cast.

    And the Keystone Art Cinema will have a series of four midnight movies- under the heading “Halloween Midnights”- next month. This will be the first time one of these has played at a theater in Indianapolis, as far as I know. Here’s the schedule, cut and pasted from Landmark’s Indianapolis page:

    Oct 7 & 8: The Thing, John Carpenter’s version starring Kurt Russell.
    Oct 14 & 15: Audition, directed by Takashi Miike.
    Oct 21 & 22: Psycho, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
    Oct 28 & 29: Rosemary’s Baby, starring Mia Farrow.

  2. An additional comment on the “Halloween Midnights” series: I’ve just heard that Audition is the only one of the four that will be on film.

    Also- since WordPress sometimes takes its sweet time posting comments with more than one link in them- I decided to put two links in this comment:

    My Brother’s Bride/Mere Brother Ki Dulhan:

    Jerusalem Countdown:

  3. And two Goodrich theaters in Indiana- the Brownsburg 8 and Lafayette’s Eastside 9- will show the 2011 Sundance Film Festival selection The Ledge on Monday, September 12, and Thursday, September 15. Both will show the film at 5 PM on the 12th and 9 PM on the 15th.


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