Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana (September 2, 2011)


It’s a good thing this is a holiday weekend because there’s lots to see, including two well-reviewed foreign films- from Ireland and France- opening in Indianapolis and a new indie drama opening state wide. What’s on your viewing radar?

TOTM aspires to completeness! If you know of a limited release film, special screening, festival, or other movie-related event coming up, or something happening this week that isn’t listed here, please leave a comment or send me an email using the “contact us” form.

Note: Title links lead to the movie’s official website.


The Guard– An eccentric local cop (Brendan Gleeson) and a straight-arrow FBI agent (Don Cheadle) become reluctant allies in this thriller/dark comedy set in rural Ireland. The Guard, which has been getting rave reviews, starts today at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

The Names of Love– This French film won Cesars (the French Oscar) for best actress and screenplay. Left-wing activist Bahia has sex with conservatives to influence their politics, until she finds herself falling for her latest target, a middle-aged Jewish scientist. The Names of Love starts today at the Movie Buff Theatre in Indianapolis.

Seven Days in Utopia– Strictly speaking, Seven Days in Utopia doesn’t qualify for this column since it failed the typing test (i.e., I got tired of typing out the theaters where it was playing). However, I decided to leave it in because it sounds like a nice movie and it could definitely use any extra publicity it can get. It re-teams Lucas Black and Robert Duvall after their turn together in Get Low. Black plays a pro golfer going through a rough patch who ends up stranded in a town called Utopia, hometown of Duvall’s eccentric rancher. Seven Days in Utopia starts today at the following AMC theaters: Honey Creek 8 in Terre Haute, Showplace Kokomo 12, Showplace Marion 12, Showplace Richmond 11, and Showplace Schererville 16; the Rave Motion Pictures Jefferson Pointe 18 in Fort Wayne and Metropolis 18 in Plainfield; the Showplace Cinemas East 18 in Evansville; the Carmike 20 in Fort Wayne; The Cinemark Movies 14 in Mishawaka; and the UA/Regal Galaxy Stadium 14 and Greenwood Stadium 14 in Indianapolis, Village Park Stadium 17 in Carmel, and Shiloh Crossing Stadium 18 in Avon.


Another Earth– Lovers brought together by tragedy are faced with separation when one is offered passage to “another earth” in this indie drama with a sci-fi twist. Another Earth holds over at the Movie Buff Theatre in Indianapolis.

Attack the Block– Aliens invade… the projects. Read Nir’s review of this British indie destined to become a cult favorite. The exceedingly entertaining Attack the Block holds over at the AMC Castleton Square 14 in Indianapolis and expands to the AMC Showplace Bloomington 11.

Beginners– Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer star as a father and son who draw closer after dad comes out of the closet (at 75) and discovers he has cancer. Melanie Laurent co-stars in this well-reviewed drama from writer-director Mike Mills (Thumbsucker). Beginners holds over at the Cinema Center in Fort Wayne and opens at the Yes Cinema in Columbus (the Yes is closed Mon-Tues).

A Better Life– This indie drama set in East LA follows the struggles of an illegal immigrant working to make “a better life” for his teenage son. It was directed by Chris Weitz (About a Boy) and stars Demian Bichir and Jose Julian as the father and son. A Better Life opens at the Starplex Cinemas Fort Wayne Coventry 13.

Sarah’s Key– Kristin Scott Thomas stars in this Holocaust drama as a modern-day journalist investigating the tragic history of two Jewish children in occupied Paris. The film is based on the novel by Tatiana De Rosnay. Sarah’s Key holds over at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis and Rave Motion Pictures Metropolis 18 in Plainfield.

Senna– This well-reviewed documentary traces the career and legacy of Brazilian Formula One racer Ayrton Senna. Senna holds over at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

Suing the Devil– Malcolm McDowell plays the devil in this Christian indie drama/comedy/legal thriller (it’s hard to tell from the synopsis on the official site). The title is descriptive of the plot. Shannen Fields, Corbin Bernsen, and Tom Sizemore are also in the cast. Suing the Devil holds over at the AMC Evansville 16.

Tabloid– The latest documentary from Errol Morris (The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War). From the Landmark’s summary: “Thirty years before the antics of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears were regular gossip fodder, Miss Wyoming Joyce McKinney made her mark as a tabloid staple ne plus ultra… By turns funny, strange, and disturbing, Tabloid is a vivid portrayal of a phenomenally driven woman whose romantic obsessions and delusions catapult her over the edge into scandal sheet notoriety and an unimaginable life.” Tabloid holds over at the AMC Showplace Bloomington 11 for one show a day.

The Tree of Life– Terrence Malick’s new film. Do you need more of a reason to see it? Hm, well, it won the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year and it stars Sean Penn as a man reflecting on his childhood and his fraught relationship with his father, played by Brad Pitt. The mysterious and beautiful The Tree of Life holds over at the Cinema Center in Fort Wayne.


For additional information on the films, and when and where they’ll be showing, follow the links under “Outside the Multiplex” in the sidebar.

Indianapolis and Central Indiana

The French coming of age comedy 1981, the second film in the Indiana Film Society’s fall series “Follow the Leader,” screens Tuesday at the Indianapolis Senior Center at 7; admission is free.

Southern Indiana

The documentary with the self-explanatory title Page One: A Year Inside The New York Times has more showings this weekend at the IU Fine Arts building, courtesy of the Ryder; also showing is French thriller Rapt. Activist documentary Farmageddon starts its Ryder run on Thursday.

Errol Morris’ new documentary Tabloid has one showing today and several showings tomorrow at the IU Cinema. Also screening tonight: Film Ist: A Girl and A Gun, “the 13th episode in Gustav Deutsch’s ongoing series of collage films,” and Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (the latter at midnight). The 1950s sci-fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still screens Wednesday. John Sayles is scheduled to be present for a Q&A at the Thursday screening of his new drama Amigo.

Northern Indiana

The DeBartolo in South Bend has a Friday evening showing of Kelly Reichardt’s revisionist Western Meek’s Cutoff and a Thursday evening showing of Gillo Pontecorvo’s brilliant, prescient docudrama The Battle of Algiers.

Cinematheque for All in West Lafayette (screenings on the Purdue campus) will show the Italian historical drama Vincere this Wednesday.


Read online or download the IU Cinema’s Fall Program Booklet. Programming includes next weekend’s John Sayles retrospective, themed series like “Making War, Making Peace” and “Sound and Vision: Herrmann and Hitchcock,” the continuing “International Arthouse Series” of current independent and foreign releases, and much, much more.

Coming in October at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater in Bloomington: “Bloomington Cycles – Breaking Away, a day long cycling/film experience, on Sunday, October 2, 2011, 3-10 PM. The event will feature a bike tour (3-5 PM) led by Breaking Away expert Jim Schroeder, a video shoot out competition (7PM) and a screening of the 1979 Breaking Away (directly following the video shoot out).”

The KAC now lists The Devil’s Double, the biopic of Uday Hussein’s body double (starring Dominic Cooper in the dual role), for September 9.

Films and events scheduled for next Friday:

At the IU Cinema, John Sayles is the speaker in the Jorgenson Lecture Series at 3 and will be present at evening screenings of Matewan and Brother From Another Planet.

The IMA will screen the documentary Convento in the Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion in the 100 Acres Art and Nature Park.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail plays Friday and Saturday at Franklin’s Artcraft Theatre.

The Tree of Life has two shows Friday (additional screenings on Saturday) at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center in South Bend.

4 responses to “Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana (September 2, 2011)

  1. It looks like Attack the Block is also at the Eastside 9 in Lafayette this week.

    And the R-rated comedy A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy (with Jason Sudeikis, Lake Bell, Leslie Bibb, Angela Sarafyan, Lucy Punch, Will Forte, and- per the IMDb- an uncredited Don Johnson) opened today at the AMC Castleton Square 14 and the AMC Showplace Bloomington 12. The latter theater has early matinee bargain ($5) show times over the weekend, but the former, for some reason, does not.

  2. Also, The Ledge- a drama that showed at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and which has a cast that includes Charlie Hunnam, Liv Tyler, Terrence Howard, and Patrick Wilson- will be shown twice this week at three Indiana theaters in the Goodrich chain. The showings are at 5 PM on Tuesday, September 6, and at 9 PM on Thursday, September 8; the theaters are the Hamilton 16 and IMAX in Noblesville, the Wabash Landing 9 in West Lafayette, and the Portage 16 and IMAX in Portage.

    Two more showings are scheduled the following week, on September 12 and 15, at two other theaters- the Brownsburg 8 and Lafayette’s Eastside 9. Show time information for those screenings isn’t available on Goodrich’s site as of yet.

    Given the plot- and given that at first, I thought that the Hamilton 16 was the only theater that would be showing the film- I thought that there might be some connection between the showing of The Ledge and Penn Jillette’s appearance at the theater on September 19- but that looks unlikely now, seeing how many other theaters will be showing the film.

  3. A few updates to my comment to last week’s column, regarding upcoming limited theatrical releases in Indiana (mostly Indianapolis).

    First, some additions. The site for the documentary Thunder Soul- which “follows the extraordinary alumni from Houston’s storied Kashmere High School Stage Band, who return home after 35 years to play a tribute concert for the 92-year-old ‘Prof,’ their beloved band leader who broke the color barrier and transformed the school’s struggling jazz band into a world-class funk powerhouse in the early 1970s”- says that the film will be in Indianapolis (no theater specified, as of yet) on Friday, October 14.

    Also, The Way- which stars Martin Sheen, and was directed by Emilio Estevez (who co-stars, along with Deborah Kara Unger, James Nesbitt, Tcheky Karyo, and Angela Molina, among others) will have a preview showing in Indianapolis on October 13. That sort of thing might not merit a mention, usually, but this screening is part of a cross-country bus trip that Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez are taking to promote the film- and it sounds like both will be present for the preview. It sounds like you have to go to the movie’s Facebook page and hit the “like” button “for the latest updates on preview screening ticket giveaways in your hometown”. Also per the film’s site, it will go into “selected theaters” on October 7, before going into “Nationwide” release two weeks later.

    And a few things have changed since that comment last week-

    Saving Private Perez didn’t open in Indy yesterday, unfortunately, I’m still hoping that it will open at Castleton (or elsewhere in Indy) once it finishes its run in other cities in which it is now playing.

    The English-language site for The Salvation Poem hasn’t added any more info on upcoming US theatrical dates, so that booking at Indy’s south-side Cinemark (one of a number of engagements once featured on the site) now does not seem likely to happen.

    The US distributor for The Whistleblower now says that it will open at the Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis on September 9- but Landmark’s Indianapolis page still makes no mention of the movie whatsoever. The Future and Life, Above All- both set to open at the KAC this month, per Landmark’s Indy page as of a few weeks ago- have now vanished from that page… but since Life, Above All is a Sony Pictures Classics release in the US, it most likely will show up at the KAC eventually. Also, Circumstance is now on Landmark’s Indy page with a September 23 opening date at the KAC- not the September 16 date given on the film’s US site (or some site linked to that site), and mentioned in my comment last week.

    And both Jerusalem Countdown and Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain are still set to open in Indy next Friday (at the Georgetown 14 and the AMC Washington Square, respectively), per the Jerusalem Countdown official site and AMC’s site, respectively.

  4. And official site links….

    for The Way

    and for Thunder Soul


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