Must-See Movies? Discuss!


We all keep one. It might include a great classic, a forgotten gem, a favorite foreign film. Perhaps a title of historical or political consequence. Or maybe that movie you love to death just because. It’s our own private shortlist of movies everyone everywhere who loves movies should see.

What are a few of the movies on your must-see movies list?

8 responses to “Must-See Movies? Discuss!

  1. Pulp fiction, colours, stray dogs, seven samurai, die hard series, an American tale, akira, lord of the rings series, momento, and fight club.

  2. Just to name a few. Each for being excellent in their own genre or in thier particular style.

  3. Lawrence of Arabia, Citizen Kane, American Psycho, Ravenous, La Dolce Vita, Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979), Rashomon, Ran, Flotaing Weeds (1959), Sansho the Bailiff, Le Samourai, Army of Shadows (1969), Becket, The Lion in Winter (1968), Taxi Driver, The Man Who Would be King (1975), The Thin Man (1934), The Third Man (1949), Ace in the Hole (Billy Wilder, 1951), and The Lost Weekend (Billy Wilder, 1945), are just some of my favourites.

  4. Richard Winters

    First of all Helen, what’s the movie shown in the image? Secondly due to my strong penchant for darkly humored, offbeat films, my list will be a little different from the rest.
    1.) “Network”- Still the granddaddy of all black comedies, satires. This film holds no punches and is completely on target with everything it says.
    2.) “Don’s Party”- This is a classic Australian film from 1976 that was written by award winning playwrite David Williamson. When I first saw it at age 18 I disliked it as it seemed excessively crude and cynical. Now, in my 40’s I saw it again and I found myself getting really pumped-up by it, because finally there was a film that really said it like it is, at least for adulthood. The potshots that it takes at suburbia are priceless. However, you have to be at least over 30 to really ‘get it’.
    3.) “The Plumber” — This is an early gem by director Peter Weir. This is a ‘pure’ dark comedy in that it takes a highly offbeat idea and pushes it to its full potential. A woman has a slighly leaking faucet, but when she call in the local plumber he only makes things progressively worse. The scene where he tears up the entire bathroom has to be seem to be believed. A far more sophisticated script than you might think with some highly intriguing undertones.


  5. Richard Winters

    I would also suggest “The Tenant”, which is a highly trenchant look at modern day urban living. No monsters, seriel killers, ghosts, or gore, but on a idealogical level it may very well be the most terrifying movie ever made.

    Other honorable mentions would be: “The Conversation”, “The Exorcist”, “Going Places” (French), “Buffet Froid” (French), “Where’s Poppa”, “Harold and Maude”, and “Being There”.

  6. The still is from Italian for Beginners, a 2000 Danish movie written and directed by Lone Scherfig (An Education). It’s part of the Dogme 95 movement but instead of being grim and ugly it’s warm and touching. It’s one of those movies that I just love to death; a guaranteed pick-me-up every time.

    My “contemporary consequential” list is Battle for Algiers, Bloody Sunday, The Terrorist, United 93, Dil Se, and, in a recent addition, Of Gods and Men.

  7. I feel compelled to correct the most glaring omission in our collective responses and say “Casablanca.”

    @Greg: Two shout outs to Kurosawa. Love it.

    @Nir: Just the eclectic list of classics I expected from you! :D

    “American Psycho” is an interesting choice. Someone gave me the DVD a few years ago but it’s languished on my to-be-watched stack; I’ll have to put it in the player soon.

    @Richard: And the offbeat choices I expected from you. :=) I was sure “Network” would make the list and it should. The last time I watched it, the country was suffering through the height of the reality TV craze and it looked even more prescient than it had before.

  8. Grand Illusion is the great classic everyone should see. Pow Wow Highway is one I love to death.


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