My Life As an Indy Moviegoer – June, 2011 Recap


A monthly series in which I relate my reflections on life as an independent-minded moviegoer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A few months ago I asked readers why they read movie reviews. Prioritizing was a common theme in the responses and like many of the commenters, I’ll read a review or two when I’m on the fence. Since I found abundant reasons in the reviews to not go to either of this weekend’s new movies my multiplex movie count stands at three for June.

If you’re on the fence about Green Lantern, I recommend prioritizing something more rewarding. Like seeing X-Men: First Class, where you can watch Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy hit it out of the park as the young Magneto and Xavier (Nir’s review with my qualifying comment). Super 8 was flawed but still entertaining; if you like the same movies J.J. Abrams likes- to name a few: The Goonies, Alien, everything Steven Spielberg directed in the ’80s- then you should see it.

The arthouse didn’t see very much of me this month. I missed Incendies and The Tree of Life is on my calendar for next weekend, but I did make it to the Italian psychological thriller The Double Hour. Like a lot of smash debuts, it’s a good movie and an exciting piece of filmmaking, but ultimately frustrating as storytelling. You know how Hollywood has a bad habit of tacking on upbeat endings to movies that were on track to be downers? This was the reverse of that.

June’s moviegoing high point was the chance to see The Lord of the Rings “Extended Edition” in the theater one more time. Most of the Fathom Events screenings are opera simulcasts, Rifftrax shows, so-called inspirational specials, and other things I’m not interested in, or at least, not prepared to pay a premium to watch at a movie theater (namely, I like opera- in the concert hall). However, it’s worth paying attention to their programming for the occasional in-theaters-one-night-only movie. The Fellowship of the Ring– my favorite and the best film of the trilogy- and The Two Towers were as phenomenal as I remembered. The Return of the King is Tuesday and I have no worries about it not measuring up. I said “again,” but this will be my first time seeing the extended Return of the King on the big screen. I can hardly wait.

How was your month at the movies?


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