Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana (June 3, 2011)


Three new limited release films open in Indianapolis this week, including the Oscar-nominated Incendies. Pickings are slimmer elsewhere in the state, although Cave of Forgotten Dreams continues a welcome (albeit still limited) expansion. Read on for all the “outside the multiplex” news.

TOTM aspires to completeness! If you know of a limited release film, special screening, festival, or other movie-related event coming up, or something happening this week that isn’t listed here, please leave a comment or send me an email using the “contact us” form.


Incendies– At the reading of their mother’s will, Jeanne and Simon are handed two envelopes and instructions to give them to their father- who they thought dead- and a brother they didn’t know they had. When they travel to their mother’s Middle Eastern home country, they discover a shocking family history and an incredible story of survival. This Canadian film has received extremely positive reviews and was an Oscar nominee for best foreign language film. Incendies starts today at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema.

L’Amour Fou– This French documentary about the extravagant personal and professional life of French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent has garnered good notices on the festival circuit. It starts today at the Movie Buff Theatre in Indianapolis.

Ready– Bollywood star Salman Khan stars in this Hindi language comedy-musical as a young man who falls in love with a woman from a large and money-hungry family. Asin co-stars as the object of his romantic pursuit. (The IMDb says it’s a remake of 2008 Telugu-language film of the same title; Bollywood remakes of films from the other Indian regional film industries is pretty common these days, if the films that come through Indy are any guide.) Ready opens today in India and at the Republic Theatres Georgetown 14 in Indianapolis.


The Beaver– Jodie Foster directs Mel Gibson (and herself) in this drama that has, probably inevitably, been overshadowed by its star’s off-screen meltdown. Gibson plays a clinically depressed husband and father who has alienated his family and just about everyone else. When he starts carrying around a beaver hand puppet, it becomes an unlikely instrument of healing. The Beaver holds over this week at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema and opens at Fort Wayne’s Cinema Center.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D– The artistic justification for 3D. Werner Herzog directed this justly extremely well reviewed documentary about the oldest known cave paintings, in Chauvet Cave in France. The cave is and always will be inaccessible to most people- but this film is the next best thing to being there. Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D holds over at the AMC Showplace Bloomington 11 and the AMC Castleton Square 14 in Indianapolis and expands to the AMC Evansville 16 and AMC Showplace South Bend 16. This is also the weekend movie at the IU Cinema in Bloomington (tickets are a bargain at $6 / $3 for IU students).

The Double Hour– This drama with thriller undertones won awards for best actor, best actress, and best Italian film at the Venice International Film Festival. An unexpected love affair offers hope for a new start for two lonely people, until they become caught up in the fallout of a robbery…. The Double Hour, which I hope to be able to get to if for no other reason than I can’t remember the last time I saw an Italian movie in the theater, continues at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

Everything Must Go– Will Ferrell burnishes his indie movie credentials in this dramedy about a man in personal, professional, and spiritual crisis. When his fed-up wife throws him and his stuff out of the house, he holds a yard sale where “everything must go.” Co-starring Rebecca Hall (The Town) and Laura Dern. Everything Must Go continues at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

The First Grader– An elderly man who wants desperately to learn to read applies for a coveted spot in the village grade school in this drama filmed in Kenya. The inspirational story takes in the man’s surprising friendships with his young classmates and his past as a soldier in the brutal fight for independence from Britain. The First Grader continues (on a shared screen) at the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

Hobo With a Shotgun– Rutger Hauer stars in this neo-Exploitation thriller about a… hobo with a shotgun. Who’s out for revenge. Or is “delivering justice one shell at a time,” as the official tagline would have it. Honestly, if this is your kind of movie, do you need to know anymore? Hobo With a Shotgun holds over at the Movie Buff Theatre in Indianapolis.

Jane Eyre– Cary Fukunaga (Sin Nombre) directed this- beautifully filmed and acted- latest version of Charlotte Bronte’s novel; Mia Wasikowska plays the title role, while Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Sally Hawkins, Judi Dench, Imogen Poots, and Simon McBurney are in the supporting cast. Jane Eyre continues this week at the AMC Evansville 16, AMC Showplace 11 in Bloomington, AMC Showplace Muncie 7, and Fort Wayne’s Cinema Center.

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold– Personality/documentarian Morgan Spurlock highlights the pervasiveness of product placement in movies and TV shows in his latest film, in part by funding it entirely through… product placement. It continues at the AMC Honey Creek 8 in Terre Haute, Cinema Center in Fort Wayne, the Movie Buff Theatre in Indianapolis and (on a shared screen) the Landmark Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

Win Win– Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale, Jeffrey Tambor, Alex Shaffer, Burt Young, and Melanie Lynskey are the stars of this likable comedy/drama about a lawyer and high-school wrestling coach (Giamatti) who thinks he has found a way to solve multiple problems in his life- until an unexpected reappearance makes him suspect that his “win win” plan might not work out after all. Thomas McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor) wrote and directed. Win Win opens at the Cinemark Movies 8 in Greenwood (two shows a day only).


For additional information on the films, and when and where they’ll be showing, follow the links under “Outside the Multiplex” in the sidebar.

Indianapolis and Central Indiana

The Indianapolis Museum of Art’s “Summer Nights” movie series kicks off with Mommie Dearest. Summer nights screenings are on the museum’s outdoor terrace above White River (or in the Toby if it rains) and start at dusk; doors open at 6:30 / 6 for members for picnicking.

Indianapolis’ Irving Theater will show the cult film Repo! The Genetic Opera tonight at 10:30. Doors open at 9:30 and there’s a (no further description provided) pre-show at 10. The screening is 17+ and tickets are $9. By the way, in case you’re unfamiliar with Repo!, Repo Men is not a remake- although it has a very similar premise- and it has no relation to Repo Man.

“Spooktacular!” is this weekend’s midnight movie (event) at the Landmark’s Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis. “Designed to be the greatest midnight spook show ever,” per the Landmark’s website, it’s a package of horror film trailers, a 1936 Technicolor cartoon, and George Romero’s zombie film classic Night of the Living Dead (1968). The show goes on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Indiana Film Society has a free screening of a 2006 Norwegian film called The Bothersome Man on Tuesday night at the Indianapolis Senior Center. It’s part of their spring film series “The Journey, Not the Destination.” The IMAX Theater at the Indiana State Museum has a few weekend showings of Born to Be Wild 3D.

Southern Indiana

Cave of Forgotten Dreams is the weekend movie at the IU Cinema with showings Friday and Saturday (it is in 3D). There’s also a free screening of an adultery drama called Silent Light (2007) on Monday night. The calendar notes the screening is co-sponsored by the IU Writer’s Conference, suggesting a good script. Next weekend’s film, the Oscar-nominated In a Better World starts its run with a Thursday night show.

The Ryder film series offers a few more showings of the acclaimed Korean drama Poetry through the week, plus a couple more showings of the Italian drama Le Quattro Volte. Next week’s film, The Robber, opens Thursday; it’s a thriller about a champion marathon runner with a double life as a serial bank robber.

Northern Indiana

The Cinema Center in Fort Wayne continues its free movie series with evening showings of Play Misty for Me on Tuesday and Mississippi Masala on Thursday.

Mike just alerted me to “Cinematheque for All,” a weekly film series on the campus of Purdue University that aims to bring foreign and independent films to West Lafayette. Screenings are on Wednesday nights at 7 in the Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering. This week’s movie is the very well reviewed 2008 Japanese drama Still Walking. If you live in that area, you should check out their website by following the link in the sidebar; the summer series lineup is very strong.


Look for more expansive previews of coming attractions in future weeks.

Films and events scheduled for next Friday:

Next Friday’s “Summer Nights” movie at the IMA is the Elvis vehicle Blue Hawaii. Also in Indianapolis, cult (bad) movie The Room is the midnight movie at the Landmark Keystone Arts Cinema.

Moving south, you can see A Streetcar Named Desire on the big screen of the Artcraft Theatre in Franklin. In Bloomington, In a Better World plays at the IU Cinema and Poetry and The Robber are on at the IU Fine Arts building courtesy of The Ryder.

4 responses to “Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana (June 3, 2011)

  1. post updated with info on continuing titles at the Movie Buff Theatre

  2. Double Hour might be a good personality litmus test. It certainly is a well made movie with excellent performances and the story telling is intriguing. However, I came away feeling deeply unsatisfied and depressed. The movie either makes a bleak but realistic assessment of human relationships or has a loss of nerve in following the possibilities for change raised in the story. I wanted a happy ending, darn it, and if that makes me a shallow optimistic Midwesterner so be it.

  3. Thanks for including Cinematheque for All in your post! It’s been around awhile, and we welcome newcomers every week. I am glad to have found your blog as well, as it will give me more reasons to wonder why I don’t just move to Indy or Bloomington so I don’t have to drive so far for these films. Thanks for your work.

    Steven Lincoln, coordinator, Cinematheque for All

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m happy to be able to promote your series in a small way- it’s a great movie lineup.

      Somehow I feel a little bad though…. ;-) I have to say I’ve had Bloomington envy a few times myself since the IU Cinema opened in January, especially when they screened with restored “Metropolis” with small orchestra accompaniment.


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