DVD of the Week – Review of Inside Job (2010)


Inside Job is the Oscar award winning, intelligent and coherent, frontal attack against those that were responsible for the worldwide financial crisis that took place in 2008.

The worldwide recession, of which we all still feel its tail end, was largely due to thousands of banks across the United States that sold their homeowners’ mortgages to insurance companies, creating CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations), and in turn mass real estate deals rose greatly in the last ten years. The more homes that were sold, the more money banks were making. Selling the mortgages to insurance companies protected the banks from losing money (in case of any event) but what happens when the insurance companies can’t keep up with the rising numbers?

In 2007, the largest insurance companies in North America, and also in the world (such as AIG and Goldman Sachs Group) went bankrupt and all of the policies that were held by them basically became void. The corporations themselves stopped producing money and the money left over from stocks was dispersed among its CEOs and other rich suits. Millions of citizens across the United States had lost their jobs and their homes and not a single dollar was given back to them.

The aforementioned may not be entirely news but what Inside Job manages to pull off very well is to convey the happenings in crystal clarity so that virtually anyone could understand how the financial world works and why we had reached the worst global recession since the Great Depression. This film contains many interviews with many financial experts from around the globe and constantly mentions how many “important” CEOs had declined to be interviewed. It’s obvious that many people wouldn’t want to be interviewed when they’d basically be attacked in front of a camera but the fact that we see how many people refused to be interviewed showcases further how high the ladder of blame can go.

This is an important and extremely educational film in many categories, and most importantly very entertaining. However, many audience members will feel very angry by the time its over because of its in-depth analysis of the financial meltdown, which had amounted to recession and the fact that none of the Wall Street execs that are to blame had gone to jail or even been properly prosecuted.

The DVD and Blu-ray contain a commentary track by director Charles Ferguson and producer Audrey Marrs; The Making of Inside Job; and Deleted Scenes.


Stay Away From this Movie!

This is a new mini-segment in which we at Commentary Track will suggest a new release to avoid after writing up a movie that we would recommend. And to start off this new feature, I chose Paul Haggis’ The Next Three Days, starring Russell Crowe. Hopefully this feature will not need to appear too often.

The story of a man whose wife is imprisoned until after three years he decides to break her out of jail is utterly preposterous. The film is unrealistic from the get go and even though a few decent performances are found here and there the film is lost before it even had a chance to begin. So stay away from this movie!

Other new releases this week: Exit Through the Gift Shop, Jackass 3, Morning Glory


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