DVD of the Week – Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy


Another fandom gets its ultimate DVD/Blu-ray release. The new Back to the Future trilogy 4-disc set offers the movies (on disc and as a digital copy) and enough extra features to satisfy even the most demanding fan.

The series as a whole is the subject of “Tales from the Future,” a new documentary built around original interviews with most of the people involved in making the films. Each movie also gets its own commentary track (by director Robert Zemeckis and the producers) and its own features, including deleted scenes. Other extras cover the usual areas (makeup tests, outtakes, photo galleries). There’s also the fun-sounding “Designing the DeLorean,” “Designing time travel,” and “Hoverboard test” short features, among others.

And for a real blast to the past, you can watch the “Power of Love” music video by Huey Lewis and the News.

Other new releases this week: Winter’s Bone, You Don’t Know Jack


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