Thinking Outside the Multiplex (April 16, 2010)


The return of actual art movies to the Keystone Art Cinema continues apace this week, and there’s more good news in the future too- and some cool-looking Hindi-language films have been booked at the Georgetown 14. For all of that good news and more, read on below….


The Art of the Steal– The fight over the highly-valued art collection of the late Albert C. Barnes is the focus of this documentary, which (as the title implies) clearly takes a stand as to which party to the struggle is in the right, and which party is not.  The Art of the Steal starts Friday, April 16, at the Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

Cheech & Chong’s Hey Watch This!– Ah, I remember the early ‘eighties- an era in which at least one C & C movie showed up on theaters screens every year. (Or so it seemed, at least.) After years apart, Cheech and Chong went on a reunion tour in 2008-09, which resulted in this concert documentary. Cheech & Chong’s Hey Watch This! will be shown just before (or just after) midnight- depending on the theater- on Saturday, April 17, and at 8 PM on Tuesday, April 20; the Hamilton 16 and IMAX in Noblesville, the Eastside 9 in Lafayette, the Showplace East in Evansville, and the Portage 16 and IMAX in Portage are the four Indiana theaters where C&C’sHWT! can be seen.

The Joneses– Demi Moore, David Duchovny, and Amber Heard star in this comedy about a phony “family” who are actually undercover marketers paid to conspicuously consume new products and fashions so that their wealthy, trend-setting neighbors will want them too. The Joneses starts Friday, April 16, at the Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D– This concert documentary it will be shown at 7:30 PM on both Wednesday, April 21, and Thursday, April 22, at the Kerasotes ShowPlace 16 and IMAX, ShowPlace 12 Traders Point, and Castleton Square 14 in Indianapolis, the Hamilton 16 and IMAX in Noblesville, the Metropolis 18 in Plainfield, the Greenwood Square 14 in Greenwood, and fifteen other theaters around the state; for more information, visit the film’s official site.

The Perfect Game– Monterrey, Mexico, 1957. A group of boys from poor families start to play baseball, with the help of a would-be Major League coach. Their team- and their coach- are so good that they eventually make it to the Little League World Series…. Do they win? Well, I won’t spoil anything here (but, ya know, they did make a movie about the team….). The Perfect Game starts Friday, April 16, at the Greenwood Park 14, the Shiloh Crossing 18 in Avon, the Kerasotes 16 and IMAX in Indianapolis, the Village Park 17 in Carmel, the ShowPlace 12 in Schererville, and the Portage 16 and IMAX in Portage.


Care Bears: Care Bears to the Rescue– This was a stunner- I thought the Care Bears had gone extinct a decade or so ago, but some marketing genius somewhere has brought them back, apparently. (Assuming, that is, that they ever really went away at all.) Anyhow, the story is set against the backdrop of an awards show for the most helpful rescue bears, such as- nope, I won’t spoil the suspense. If you want to find out for yourself, this will be at the Showplace East in Evansville this week, with daily shows at 10:50 AM. Other theaters throughout the state will have shows only on Saturday and Sunday- the Georgetown 14 in Indianapolis will show Care Bears: Care Bears to the Rescue at 1 and 3 PM this weekend, while the Studio 10 in Shelbyville will have 1 and 3:30 shows. The Jefferson Pointe 18 in Fort Wayne has 12:50 PM showings on Saturday and Sunday, while the Carmike 20 in Fort Wayne and the Encore Park 14 in Elkhart have weekends-only shows at 12 noon and 12:10 PM, respectively.

Chloe– Catherine starts to suspect that her husband David is fooling around on her- and after she meets escort-for-hire Chloe, Catherine decides to employ the young woman in order to test David’s fidelity. But when Chloe reports back to Catherine on what she and David have been up to, Catherine’s emotions may start to get the best of her… Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried star in this remake of the French film Nathalie; it continues at the Cinema Center @ Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne through Sunday, April 18.

The Conversation– A free screening of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 classic will be introduced by artist Heather Rowe at the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Toby Theatre on Friday, April 16, at 6:30 PM.

D-Tour– Drummer Pat Spurgeon’s transplanted kidney begins to fail twelve years after it was implanted into his body. While he seeks a new kidney to replace the failing one, and while he is undergoing dialysis, the other members of Pat’s band Rogue Wave go on tour with him. This documentary will be shown at 5 PM on Sunday, April 18, at Bear’s Place in Bloomington; see The Ryder’s site for more information.

Enlighten Up!– This documentary- about a man who has serious doubts about yoga, only to become a big advocate- will be showing this week at the Cinema Center in Fort Wayne; a reception and discussion of the film will follow the screening at 4 PM on Sunday, April 18.

The Ghost Writer– A talented British ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) signs on to finish the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), even though the previous writer who was working on the project- who was also the ex-PM’s longtime assistant- died before he could complete his work. Soon after the new writer and the politician meet to discuss the project, one of Lang’s former cabinet members claims that Lang authorized a war crime. The writer starts to suspect that his predecessor’s death wasn’t an accident- and that the former British leader may have been doing the CIA’s bidding while he was in office. Roman Polanski’s political thriller- which co-stars Kim Cattrall and Olivia Williams, and features appearances by Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Hutton, Jim Belushi, and Eli Wallach- holds over for another week at the Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis and the Eastside 9 in Lafayette; it also starts Friday at the Yes Cinema in Columbus.

The Ghoul– From a ghost (writer) to a ghoul…. Boris Karloff stars in this once-thought-to-be-lost chiller from the 1930s; it will be shown at Garfield Park’s Art Center on Saturday, April 17, at 9 PM. The story involves an Egyptologist who wants to be buried with a jewel which he believes can bring him back to life, some how, some day; when he is interred without the jewel, he gets rather upset about the situation…. This “Vintage Movie Night” presentation will be of an actual film print from the collection of film collector and historian Eric Grayson; the screening will follow the fourth annual Egyptian dance celebration, which gets underway at the Arts Center at 7 PM.

The Girl on the Train– Catherine Deneuve plays Louise, who lives with her daughter Jeanne in the suburbs, and makes a living by taking care of other people’s children. Jeanne is sort of/kind of trying to find a job for herself, and Louise suggests that she contact Louise’s childhood friend Samuel Bleistein, who is now a lawyer. Louise and Samuel (Michel Blanc) now live very different lives- and they find themselves on opposite sides of the media controversy that arises when Jeanne claims that she was the victim of an anti-Semitic assault. Andre Techine (Wild Reeds, Ma saison preferee) directed The Girl on the Train, which will be shown in Bloomington this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, courtesy of The Ryder; see their site for when and where.

Greenberg– Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale) directed this comedy/drama about forty-something Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller), who has come back to Los Angeles so that he can housesit for his brother Phillip while Phillip and his wife and children are on a long vacation out of the country. Roger had been part of a band in LA back in the day, and he uses his return to the city to catch up with both fellow former band member Ivan (Rhys Ifans) and ex-girlfriend Beth (Jennifer Jason Leigh- who co-wrote the film’s story with Baumbach and co-produced with Scott Rudin). While Ivan and Beth have done something with their lives in the intervening years, Roger tells the world that he has been “doing nothing.” But even Roger may be inspired to do “something” after he meets Florence (Greta Gerwig), who has been working as a personal assistant to Phillip Greenberg and family while pursuing her dream of becoming a singer…. Greenberg holds over this week at the Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

Hubble 3D– Leonardo DiCaprio narrates this documentary about NASA’s space telescope, its much-publicized initial problems, and the efforts of astronauts to repair the Hubble. According to its official site, Hubble 3D lets moviegoers “journey through distant galaxies to explore the grandeur and mysteries of our celestial surroundings;” it continues this week (with morning and/or early afternoon showings, depending on the day) at the IMAX Theater in downtown Indianapolis’ Indiana State Museum.

Il Trovatore– The Jefferson Pointe 18 in Fort Wayne will have a showing of this opera on Sunday, April 18, at 1 PM.

Jaws– Steven Spielberg’s 70s mega-hit will be shown at 3 PM on Saturday, April 17, at the University of Notre Dame’s Browning Cinema.

The Last Station– Helen Mirren- who received an Academy Award nomination for her work in this film- stars as the Countess Sofya, the loving wife of Leo Tolstoy (Christopher Plummer- also nominated for an Oscar) in this drama from director Michael Hoffman (Soapdish, Restoration, A Midsummer Night’s Dream). When Leo makes some drastic changes in his life- after the pair has been married for nearly five decades- Sofya suspects that this is all a result of maneuvering by Leo’s disciple Chertkov (Paul Giamatti). When a new assistant (James McAvoy) arrives on the scene, he finds himself being used by both Sofya and Chertkov in a struggle to control Tolstoy’s legacy (and fortune). The Last Station continues this week at the Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis (where it will be shown daily at 2: 30 and 5 PM).

Marvin Gaye- What’s Going On: The American Masters Documentary and The Hip Drop Funk & Soul Jam- Motown Edition– These two musical documentaries- the first open to all ages, the other for those 21 and older- will be shown at ARTBOX in Indianapolis on Friday, April 16, starting at 9 PM. (By the way- I suspect that that second “documentary” actually might be a dance party, rather than a doc- but this week’s Metromix Indianapolis sez it’s a doc, so that’s what I went with….)

My Name Is Khan– Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan plays the lead role in this drama, which will be shown at the Cinema Center @ Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne through Monday, April 19.

Nashville– Robert Altman’s ‘seventies classic will be shown at the University of Notre Dame’s Browning Cinema on Sunday, April 18, at 3 PM.

No Impact Man– This documentary about a family trying to lead lives that have a minimal negative impact on the environment will be shown at the YWCA of Greater Lafayette on Sunday, April 18, at 2 PM; see this site for more information. No Impact Man also will be screened at 7 PM on Thursday, April 22, at the University of Notre Dame’s Browning Cinema.

North Face– In the mid-thirties, the Nazis decide to boost German national pride by setting up a competition to climb the north face of the Swiss mountain, the Eiger. It hasn’t been climbed before, due to the extreme danger; this film follows the struggles of two not-overly-enthusiastic German climbers to finally conquer the Eiger. North Face is “a suspenseful adventure film” that was “[b]ased on a true story,” according to its US site; it will be shown on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Bloomington this weekend.

A Prophet– Writer/director Jacques Audiard follows his impressive The Beat That My Heart Skipped with this drama, which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. Tahar Rahim stars as Malik, an illiterate young man of North African background who is sentenced to serve six years in a French prison. When Luciani- the convict who controls the prison’s most powerful gang- orders Malik to kill fellow prisoner Reyeb, Malik complies. He becomes Luciani’s underling in the gang- and is so helpful that Luciani sets up furloughs for Malik so that he can carry out Luciani’s orders in the outside world. Malik also starts to set up his own criminal enterprise, however. As the danger around him grows ever greater, Malik thinks he is seeing visions of the late Reyeb- and when he lives through an unusual car accident, some people start to think that Malik may be some sort of a prophet…. A Prophet continues this week at the Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis, with daily showings at 7:45 PM; it is also scheduled to be shown this Friday and Saturday at the University of Notre Dame’s Browning Cinema (see the Browning’s site for the times).

The Rocky Horror Picture Show– The ‘seventies cult perennial can be seen in its usual 10 PM time at the Georgetown 14 in Indianapolis this Saturday; there is also some sort of pre-show activity (I forget the exact wording that I saw on the poster the last time I was at the theater) starting at 9:30 PM.

The Runaways– Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning star as Joan Jett and Cherie Currie in this film about the all-girl-band, which was written and directed by Floria Sigismondi. The Runaways co-stars Michael Shannon, Alia Shawkat, Tatum O’Neal and veteran actress Peggy Stewart, and was co-executive-produced by Joan Jett herself. The Runaways holds over this week at the Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis, the Village Park 17 in Carmel (which will have two shows per day- at 4:35 and 10 or 10:15 PM, depending on the day of the week) and the Cinema Center in Fort Wayne.

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry– Gavin MacLeod, Robert Guillaume and Jansen Panettiere star in this Christian-oriented film about an older man (MacLeod) who imparts his wisdom to a trio of pre-teen boys in 1970; it continues this week at the Georgetown 14 in Indianapolis, the Hamilton 16 and IMAX in Noblesville, the Studio 10 in Shelbyville, and the Eastside 9 in Lafayette.

Shall We Kiss?– Bloomington will have screenings of this romantic comedy/drama from France on Saturday and Sunday, courtesy of The Ryder; check their site for times and locations.


The Keystone Art Cinema’s home page has added three new titles in the past week: Marco Bellocchio’s Vincere (about Mussolini’s abandoned first wife and child, and the wife’s struggle against the government’s attempts to keep both mother and child out of sight), the dramedy City Island (with Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Emily Mortimer and Alan Arkin), and the documentary Babies. Vincere is now set to open at the KAC on April 30, while Babies is due on May 7. Also, two titles have recently swapped release dates on the KAC’s page- The Secret of Kells has been moved forward one week, and is now set to open on April 23- while A Shine of Rainbows got punted back (again); April 30 is its new opening day at the KAC. (By the way- Vincere marks the first time that a film by veteran Italian director Bellocchio will have an Indianapolis theatrical run in at least a quarter of a century.)

Manoranjaninc has two new Hindi-language movies on its site this week: the romantic comedy Housefull and the crime thriller (and comedy?) Badmaash Company. The former is currently set to play at the Georgetown 14 in Indianapolis from April 30 through May 6, while Badmaash Company has only two G14 screenings set as of now- at 6 and 9:30 PM on Friday, May 7. Also, the Telugu-language romance Darling now has a start date at the G14- either this Thursday, April 22, or the day after. According to manoranjan’s site, this won’t be determined until Thursday.

Classically Cinematical- Classical music compositions prominently featured in famous films (such as Also sprach Zarathustra from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the “Ride of the Valkyries” from Apocalypse Now, among others) will be played by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at 11 AM and 8 PM on Friday, April 23; at 8 PM on Saturday, April 24; and at 7 PM on Sunday, April 25.

It is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE.– Crispin Glover co-directed this much-praised film about the romantic/sexual fantasies of a man with an extreme case of cerebral palsy. A screening of It is Fine! will be preceded by an hour or so of Glover providing “dramatic narration” (per the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s site) of eight heavily illustrated books, under the title The Big Slide Show, Part 1; the film will be followed by a question and answer session and a book signing. This event will take place at the IMA’s Toby Theatre on Saturday, April 24, starting at 7 PM.

Leach: The Movie– The site has had this information up for a few weeks (if not months), but I didn’t think to mention this upcoming screening until now. This Indiana-made horror film will have a one-time screening at 9:30 AM (yes, AM) on Saturday, May 1, at the Hamilton 16 and IMAX in Noblesville.

Screenings and events for next Friday:

Breaking Away– This Bloomington-set film from 1979 will be shown at Franklin’s historic Artcraft Theatre at 2 and 7:30 PM on Friday, April 23, and at 7:30 PM on Saturday, April 24.

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  1. I just found out that the documentary King Corn and its sequel Big River will be showing tonight, April 17, starting at 7:30 PM at the Lodge Building, 9 South Johnson Avenue in Indianapolis. The screenings are the first (I think) of the Irvington Green Initiative Movie Night.


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