New Poll – Best Picture “Should Win” Pick


If you were an Academy voter, which movie would you vote for for Best Picture?

4 responses to “New Poll – Best Picture “Should Win” Pick

  1. Oh, I’m going to have to say “Up in the Air”

    That, or Where the Wild Things Are.

  2. “The Hurt Locker”. My vote was writ in stone back in June. >:O|

  3. @Aaron: Where the Wild Things Are would have been a good nomination. I was surprised when the nominations were announced and it was shut out.

  4. Well the critics liked it a lot more than the average Joe. I saw it and liked it a lot but I don’t consider it one of the year’s best.
    But that’s just me.
    A lot of people hate it and claim it to be boring and lacking story, I think it has a lot of depth and is complex.

    I just hope that the Academy recognizes James Cameron as a hack.


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