DVD of the Week – No End in Sight (2007)


No End in Sight 103007

There are a lot of documentaries about the Iraq war. And to be honest, No End in Sight is the only one I have seen and perhaps the only one that I plan to see. What makes the film different than other documentaries about the war is that it is not about the war itself, but about the U.S. policy that shaped the war and the current situation. Filmmaker Charles Ferguson has no background in film, other than being a lover of the genre. Instead, his qualifications to make a documentary about Iraq comes from a Ph.D. in political science.

No End in Sight is a series of interviews with people who were directly involved with the planning, execution and aftermath of the Iraq war. Although Ferguson tries not to take a viewpoint, the general consensus is that the war was poorly planned and that mistakes were made in the occupation of Iraq. The film almost completely glosses over the question of whether or not it was a good idea to go into Iraq in the first place or whether the war was justified. I think this is an important decision, because the message of the film would be lost if inundated with political posturing. The bottom line is that, once we made the decision to go into Iraq, we should have done it right.

Unfortunately, No End in Sight eventually turns out to be as bleak as the title. The film is more interested in cataloging the mistakes that the Bush administration has made rather than offering hope or providing solutions. Still, for anyone who feels that they need to learn more about the war, this is the film to watch.

The DVD does not have any special features to note, but this is a documentary that will play just as well in your living room as it does on the big screen.

Other new releases this week: Captivity, Day Watch, The Devil Came on Horseback, El Cantante, In the Land of Women, Journey from the Fall, License to Wed, Spider-Man 3, Talk to Me, The Wendell Baker Story


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