DVD of the Week – Year of the Dog (2007)


Year of the Dog 082807

Occasionally, when thinking about a film about to come out on DVD, I think about what part of the experience someone would miss watching the film on a regular-sized TV. I always advocate the theater experience over the television experience, but I think Year of the Dog would play fairly well on a regular television. Mike White’s bland and direct visual style would have the same effect on a regular television. Heck, the movie would have the same effect if you watched it on an iPod.

I don’t mean to mock the film, though. There is a lot to admire. The story of a woman who is driven to an obsession with saving animals after her dog dies is certainly a plot that we haven’t seen before. A lot of people say that the acting in this film was wooden, but I admire the performances, especially Molly Shannon’s. Mike White is definitely going for a specific tone in the film, and the actors contribute to that. It’s a style that seems direct, but I think there’s a lot more going on than you see on the surface.

The DVD comes with a commentary track by Mike White and Molly Shannon as well as deleted scenes and a slew of special featurettes.

Original Commentary Track review by Rishi Agrawal

Other new releases this week: Blades of Glory, Kickin’ It Old Skool, Offside, Red Road


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