DVD of the Week – Breach (2007)


Breach 061207

Today’s DVD pick was a somewhat tough choice. There were two recent films, being released today on DVD, that I enjoyed about equally, but for different reasons. There was Breach, a tense thriller with Chris Cooper and Ryan Phillippe with a healthy dose of realism and Days of Glory, a good World War II movie about Muslim soldiers fighting for France. So, I actually checked the special features on each DVD, and Breach came out the clear winner.

One of the most remarkable things about Breach was the performance of the main actors, especially Chris Cooper as Robert Hanssen, an FBI double-agent with a lot of interesting quirks. Of course, this is immortalized in a featurette. Billy Ray has a knack for exploring great themes and real-life stories (though the films themselves are somewhat flawed). Still, Billy Ray is intelligent and well-spoken and the commentary track by him and Eric O’Neil, the real-life FBI agent who helped bring Hanssen to justice (played by Ryan Phillippe in the film), should be interesting and informative. There’s also nearly an hour of deleted scenes, if you are interested in that sort of thing.

The HD DVD adds some other interesting features. There is something called “U-Control,” billed by Universal as “a fully immersive entertainment experience that you control.” I have no idea what that means, but it certainly sounds like it could be cool. You can also watch the commentary track in picture-in-picture format and something called “My Scenes” which allows you save your favorite scenes or something. All of these features are probably underwhelming, but it still makes me want an HD DVD player. If anyone would care to donate a HD DVD to Commentary Track, I will give you 100 Box Office Recap points.

Original Commentary Track review of Breach by Rishi Agrawal.

Other new releases this week: Blood and Chocolate, Days of Glory, Ghost Rider, Primeval, Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls, An Unreasonable Man


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