DVD of the Week – Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)


Borat 030607

A lot of people, including myself, would argue that watching a movie is a more passive experience than, say, reading a book. When you read a book, you can skim certain uninteresting sections, you can skip ahead, you can reread passages. Basically, when reading a book, you control the pace. This is not true with a movie. Generally, it’s a more passive experience. You just sit there and watch the film. However, with a DVD, that does not have to be the case. I would argue that Borat is a perfect movie to experiment with your DVD controls.

Borat is all over the place in terms of quality. Some scenes are just dreadful, while others are brilliant. You want to watch the scene with the stand-up comedy coach again? Go for it. You want to fast forward past the bit with the frat boys in the RV? No problem. Do you need to hear the Kazakhstan national anthem just once more, for good measure? DVD makes it all possible. Most importantly, you can skip the scene of the two naked guys wrestling. I think I can truly say that I wish I had never seen that.

It looks like there aren’t as many deleted scenes as I would have hoped. I know that a lot more footage of this film was shot than was actually used, but there are still five deleted scenes. There is also a compilation with the “best of” the other deleted scenes. Also included are a couple of featurettes. The film is available in wide screen and full screen versions.

Original Commentary Track review by James Brigham

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