DVD of the Week – Snakes on a Plane (2006)


You have snakes. You have a plane. You have Samuel L. Jackson. What more do you want?

Undoubtedly, being on the Internet, you have surely heard about this movie.  It takes an absolutely ridiculous premise and follows through. Now, with the DVD, you can relive the movie over and over again.  The DVD is available in fullscreen and widescreen modes (separately boxed) and features a commentary track by director David Ellis and Samuel L. Jackson.  There also seem to be deleted scenes, a gag reel, and a bunch of short featurettes, including one titled “Snakes on a Blog,” which undoubtedly pays tribute to the power of the Internet. Without the Internet, this movie would have been a joke!

This DVD is probably worth a rental just to hear the famous line: “We have to get these motherfuckin’ snakes off this motherfuckin’ plane.” Now, you can stop the DVD, rewind a few seconds, and hear the line spoken again and again.  I would say, if you play the scene more than four times, you’re probably a little deranged.  But, go ahead, watch it again. We won’t tell anyone.

Other new releases this week: Beer League, The Covenant, Love’s Abiding Joy

4 responses to “DVD of the Week – Snakes on a Plane (2006)

  1. Get this MF movie off your MF site …
    Really- I might see it on dvd- but then again – Why?

  2. This might seem like a questionable pick, but look at the other releases this week. Some weeks there are no good DVDs being released.

  3. The thing that irritates me are people continuing to blow the now infamous line, including you James. Now children, the line is: Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane! The movie only proved two things ultimately. That the rest of America is still a good five steps back in terms of technology, so internet buzz still means squat in terms of box office. The other is the fact it is what actually is, a trumped up b-movie. Let’s face it, if Sam Jackson hadn’t agreed to do this, then Segal would have done it and debuted straight to video. I give it kudos for making the money that it did, which was five times the budget and covered Jackson’s salary and golf membership at his fav club to boot. The Bottom line is that it was not the internet phenomenon the geeks wanted, wished, or dreamed about. We still have a ways to go for that.

  4. For a trumped up b-movie, it offers a tremendous amount of fuel for debate on the contrast between buzz and hype, the nature of marketing in a new era of technology, and the psychology of the movie watching public.

    Even if the movie underperformed, it was successful at being a failure. It opened at #1 and likely earned more money than if it had remained another generic PG-13 action yarn. We’ll see how it performs on DVD, mayhap that’s where its audience truly lay.


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